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New Jersey Attitude

What's Up With That, Anyway?

So what, now everyone wants to be from New Jersey? Right!! They're lured by the Bad Boys of the Soprano's, is that it? All of a sudden, that New Jersey Attitude is attractive.

Well, let's clear up a few things about that attitude. It's not that we have AN attitude, it's that WE HAVE ATTITUDE. And we're not afraid to use it! Even the New Yorkers, who mostly are afraid to cross the river to come here, are slowly crossing over to the other side. As a matter of act, a large part of Bergen County (we'll see the map later) now should be handed over to New York, as most of the people who live there, are from New York, New Jersey wannabe's, ya know. The real New Jerseyan's say:

"Welcome to New Jersey - Now Go Home"

But it'll never happen. They'll keep coming here in droves because as much as they joke about us, complain about us, and jeer at us, they long to be like us. We have personality, after all.

To really appreciate New Jersey, you have had to have been born here. We know there are lots of people who have lived here "most" of their lives, and not born here, and they may have been able to "adopt" some of the behaviors of a native New Jerseyan, but they'll never quite have it completely. They're missing that special edge, that special gleam in their eye. If you're from New Jersey, you know exactly what I mean.

People born in New Jersey are allowed to call it "Jersey.". People from other-than-New Jersey, should call it New Jersey. Hey, we don't chop up the name of their state, do we? Do we ask, "Where ya from, 'Nneticuit? 'Orida? 'Chussettes? 'Fornia? No, of course not. And it's the New Yawwwkas that call it "Joisey", not the native New Jerseyans!

We're called arrogant, obnoxious, rude, crude, brash . . . and more! But we don't care because we know that unless you're from New Jersey, you know how to not care about that. We just don't care what you say about us. We like the fact that you don't want to live here. What, did you think we didn't put all those oil refineries and dumps and broken down warehouses around Newark Liberty Airport for no reason? That's what most people think New Jersey is . . . and we like it that way. Do you think we want you to know about all the great secret places there are in New Jersey so you may actually want to move here? Not on your life!

Let me explain the attitude thing: We are an intense bunch, driven, clearly focused and not afraid of very much. We know what we want and we go for it in the most direct route possible. We are very friendly, we just don't have much patience for people getting in the way of where we're going or what we're doing. We have a high level of self-confidence, a high level of motivation and a low level of patience for certain things. New Jerseyan's don't think of themselves as being better than anyone else, we just want to do things, get things done quickly and easily.

Here, witness this about NJ People!

Oh, yeah, another thing, being born in New Jersey also means that we have built in BS detectors. So if someone tries to BS us, we automatically know it. And there's more: Here Take The Test!

There's a lot to New Jersey that many people aren't even aware of. Maybe if we let you in on some of our history and lure, some of the people who were born here, made contributions to the rest of the world from here, and a few more interesting tidbits about New Jersey, you'll understand why we want to live here. Even if we move away to another state, many of return after a while. It's our roots and they're roots that you can only understand if you're born in New Jersey. Born New Jerseyans are proud of being from New Jersey and don't ever have to apologize for it! One statistic says that 73% of us say it is a good or excellent place to live! and 71% of us own our homes!! What say that, New Yawwwkers?

Mother Nature can be downright ruthless (think SANDY!)
and You and Your Family can be left in serious peril! Be Ready!
Hope for the Best! Be Prepared for the Worst!


This one is GREAT!! Thanks Mike!

Check Out Mike Marino's Site For MORE!!

First of all New Jersey was first settled in 1618 by the Dutch, became a Royal British Province in 1702, was one of the thirteen original States and had it's most recent State Constitution ratified in 1947. Our 22nd & 24th President of The United States (same guy) was born in Caldwell, NJ in 1837. We're made up of 21 counties. We actually started out with six but politics being what is is, those were split and new ones made up so now there are 21. We'll take a look at the map.

We're nearly surrounded by water, could have been an island . . .Oh, if only . . .

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